This class explores in more detail the human portrait, revisiting related compositional ideas discussed in LEC100, and utilizing methods to approach it. Building on the skills and knowledge acquired in the first two quarters, you will learn to render all the features of the face to pleasingly draw a head, working in both quick and long pose.



  • Ability to simplify shapes and values of portraits into a believable quick drawing. 
  • Use of accurate and believable proportions in a quick drawing, block-in, or long pose. 
  • Understanding of perspective within the human face. 
  • Ability to utilize and demonstrate proper shading techniques (massing, stumping, and veiling). 
  • Understanding of the four basic methods of measurement: Sight Size, Triangulation, Comparative, and Plumb Line, as well as being able to utilize them consistently and frequently while working.
  • Ability to utilize all learned techniques to produce a portrait bearing likeness to the model. 




for CDC301

Click on an assignment page to progress through the lecture and demonstration videos, and, following the guidelines, complete the assignment.

Assignment 1
Portrait Shadow Map
Assignment 2
Feature Studies
Assignment 3
Portrait Drawing (three sessions)
Assignment 4
Portrait Drawing (four sessions)
Assignment 5
Alla Prima Portrait Drawing
Assignment 6
Portrait from a Photograph