CPC101: Assignment 1

Brushstroke Chart

Progress through these videos and overviews in the order listed, and complete the assignment. Repeat completing the assignment as needed until mastery is achieved.

CPC101: Assignment 1 Demonstration

Brushstroke Chart

Assignment 1

Brushstroke Chart

Required Supplies: 

  • Oil-primed linen canvas panel or sheet
  • Inexpensive paint color (Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine Blue, etc.)
  • Bristle brush, soft brush, and mongoose brush (variety of sizes)
  • Paint thinner
  • Painting medium

Take time to become acclimated to brushes, paint, and linen. The goal with this assignment is to create a range of paint application with the brushes and linen used for the remainder of the assignments. The completion of each chart should bring a commanding knowledge of the brush and volume of paint needed to achieve desired paint application.

Work first with a bristle filbert brush (about 1/3” size) to complete a series of the following strokes in three different lengths (approximately 1”, 3”, and 6”): 

  1. A scumbled stroke
  2. A dry-brush stroke
  3. A full body stroke
  4. An impasto stroke
  5. A stroke thinned with medium
  6. A stroke thinned with medium using a soft-on, soft-off action
  7. And a stroke thinned with thinner

Then, use the same brush type of a larger size to paint these strokes again and become familiar with the volume of paint needed for mixing and application of various sized strokes and brushes. 

Repeat the process with a sable (or synthetic sable) of various sizes (omitting dry-brush and scumble). Repeat the exercise again utilizing a mongoose (or synthetic mongoose) of various sizes. The total number of strokes on the charts will vary depending on the number of brushes used. Each brush should yield around 20 strokes. Use as many different sizes, shapes, and hair-type brushes as possible to gain a full understanding of the possible strokes.

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