CPC101: Assignment 2

Open Grisaille Master Copy

Progress through these videos and overviews in the order listed, and complete the assignment. Repeat completing the assignment as needed until mastery is achieved.

CPC101: Assignment 2 Introduction

Open Grisaille Master Copy

CPC101: Assignment 2 Demonstration

Open Grisaille Master Copy

Transferring a Drawing to Canvas

While you can, and many artists do, paint directly onto the canvas, you may elect to draw it out on paper first and then transfer to the canvas. This allows you to perfect your drawing beforehand to avoid damage to the canvas during corrections. Watch this video for a demonstration on how to transfer a drawing onto canvas.

Open Grisaille

Assignment 2

Open Grisaille Master Copy

Required Supplies: 

  • Oil-primed linen canvas panel
  • One color (Ivory Black, or a premix of Ivory Black and Burnt Sienna is recommended)
  • Bristle brushes
  • Detail brushes
  • Paint thinner
  • Paper towels
  • White retractible click eraser

Utilizing the knowledge gained from Assignment 1, and after reviewing Concepts of Painting: Open Grisaille Underpaintings, create an open grisaille painting of a master copy. Work on a linen panel or prepared panel (if available), and select either Ivory Black or a premixed combination of Ivory Black and Burnt Sienna to create a warm black. Bristle brushes should be the primary tools. Those skilled in all concepts of drawing (shape, value, and edge) should feel free to opt for any subject; those who have not yet mastered drawing should limit subject to still life and landscape. Values should be accurate, though the paint should remain transparent. Use the white click eraser to remove paint in subtle veils, as well as to create hard-edged light shapes (similar to how it is utilized in the drawing process).


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