CPC102: Assignment 4

Broken Color vs. Blended Color

Progress through these videos and overviews in the order listed, and complete the assignment. Repeat completing the assignment as needed until mastery is achieved.

CPC102: Assignment 4 Lecture

Broken Color vs. Blended Color

Concepts of Painting
Broken Color

Assignment 4

Broken Color vs. Blended Color

Read the information in Concepts of Painting: Broken Color and watch the accompanying video to learn about using broken color to achieve more colorful paintings while turning the form (instead of the traditional technique of blending colors on the canvas). Using a Monet painting as a reference, mimic the broken color paint application and retain saturation. Inappropriate blending will result in excessively neutral tones. This exercise prepares you for tiling (a common academic approach to laying clean color on a refined figure painting), as well as encourages the patience needed to slowly apply paint and assess its correctness before edge modification. 


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