CPC102: Assignment 7

Gamuts and Light Sources

Progress through these videos and overviews in the order listed, and complete the assignment. Repeat completing the assignment as needed until mastery is achieved.

CPC102: Assignment 7 Lecture

Gamuts and Light Sources 

Concepts of Painting

Assignment 7

Gamuts and Light Sources

Observation of lighting conditions is the focus of this lesson. Read the information in  Concepts of Painting: Gamuts and watch the accompanying video. Become aware of the potential for each light source to produce a specific “gamut” for every situation, and how this gamut can be applied to a painting to create a believable representation of the situation. Set up a still life with a specific lighting condition. Looking at the color wheel and all available colors, create a limited palette representing the gamut of the scene by selecting a yellow/red/blue that can produce all observed colors. Select the lowest chroma yellow/red/blue possible to avoid creating mixtures outside the gamut while painting the still life study. Change the lighting condition on the still life and repaint it using a new, more applicable yellow/red/blue. Repeat the exercise with as many different lighting conditions as possible, selecting the best possible limited palette to represent the gamut for each one. These paintings are studies and not intended to be fully rendered or developed works.


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