Using still life as the subject matter, apply what has been learned in Level 100 to compose and execute well-colored paintings. Work first from a white plaster cast to render a limited palette painting reflecting a white object under colored light. Then, advance to a still life, with the option to work with a full color palette if mastery of the limited palette has been achieved. Finally, complete an alla prima still life, focusing on the conservation of brushstrokes. Maintain a believable structure of light and color, and strive to suggest textural qualities with paint application when possible. The overall aesthetic of your painting should mimic the master you are studying.



  • Ability to demonstrate believability of shape, value, edge, and color without awkward appearance. 
  • Understanding of the anatomy of light as it falls on an object.
  • Understanding of paint application to create texture, if applicable.
  • Ability to utilize and demonstrate proper paint layering techniques (fat over lean).

Introduction to CPC201


for CPC201

Click on an assignment page to progress through the lecture and demonstration videos, and, following the guidelines, complete the assignment.

Assignment 1
Plaster Cast Painting

Still life painting is best introduced via the cast. The focus is on executing a painting of believable color and luminosity with a limited palette. Work in the method of the master being studied, and utilize brush application to achieve the same stylization.

Assignment 2
Still Life

This assignment expands your practice to a full color still life. Complete a still life of good design, with no stipulation on number of objects.

Assignment 3
Alla Prima Still Life

Conclude CPC201 by completing an alla prima still life, utilizing any necessary layering to make a successful painting in one day. There are no stipulations on the number of objects.