Continue where CPC202: Figure Painting 1 left off and build on the various block-ins practiced so far. Complete a brief 3-week painting followed by an extended 7-week painting, utilizing your preferred method of painting you’ve been studying.



  • Ability to demonstrate believability of shape, value, edge, and color without awkward appearance.
  • Understanding of the anatomy of light and color on a figure.
  • Understanding of paint application to create texture or focal points, if applicable.
  • Ability to utilize and demonstrate proper paint layering techniques (fat over lean).
  • Ability to utilize any learned techniques to produce a figure painting bearing a likeness to the model. 

Introduction to CPC302


for CPC302

Click on an assignment page to progress through the lecture and demonstration videos, and, following the guidelines, complete the assignment.

Assignment 1
Three Session Figure Painting

Spend three sessions to develop a figure painting. Work in the methods of the studied master, and keep the process consistent for each attempt. The goal of this assignment is not to complete the figure painting, but to develop your ability to advance the starting method you utilized in CPC202.

Assignment 2
Extended Figure Painting

Complete a finished figure painting. Work in the process of the studied master, and refer to paintings by the master for information on composition, color, and paint application. Spend as long as necessary to complete the figure and integrate it appropriately into the background.