Classical Drawing Course

Overview of Levels

Here you will find the drawing program organized by level. We HIGHLY recommend starting from the beginning and following the prescribed order of lectures, demonstrations, and assignments, but please feel free to browse.

Classical Drawing Course: Level 1

The first level of the drawing course introduces you to materials and measuring techniques. You will then learn highly-controlled drawing techniques by practicing from Bargue plates and casts, and later from master works. You will also learn the ins and outs of composition with detailed lectures.

Classical Drawing Course: Level 2

The second level of the drawing course focuses on combining observation with conceptual knowledge. You will learn the anatomy of a shadow and how to utilize perspective. Later in the course you are encouraged to draw from a live model, practicing both quick sketch and long pose. You will also practice copying anatomical studies of artists Bridgman and Vanderpoel.

Classical Drawing Course: Level 300

In the third level of the drawing course, you will learn how to draw a successful portrait. Each feature of the face will be studied and practiced in detail. You will also be encouraged to work from a live figure model to create a multiple-session long pose drawing.

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