Classical Painting Course

Overview of Levels

Here you will find the painting program organized by level. We HIGHLY recommend starting from the beginning and following the prescribed order of lectures, demonstrations, and assignments, but please feel free to browse.

Classical Painting Course: Level 1

Learn the basics of painting by completing brushstroke charts to learn how to paint behaves, and use this knowledge to complete open grisaille master copies and closed grisaille master copies. You will also learn fundamentals of color and its application.

Classical Painting Course: Level 2

Complete limited palette cast and still life paintings to further develop your painting skills. You will also learn superficial anatomy and how to paint it. You will then complete open and closed grisaille figure studies as well as a figure color block-in.

Classical Painting Course: Level 300

In this course you will practice painting features of the face, and learn how to execute a portrait, both long pose and all prima. You will then move on to painting the figure.

Types of Realism

Review this page to learn about the different types of realism and the history of realism.

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